my roomies

these are the pics of my lovely roomies...
and for this i would like to thank my sa teo for the webcam and oso my fren for the wait for me to dl the driver for the webcam...(i forgot to bring the driver over)
we had so much laughter cam whoring in the room...hee...
(minus the fact tt i was abit down today cos i was told to put in effort in the design project. i really hope someone could understd me in this. aihZ.)

below are our products...kekek...
there are more but some erm...not supposed to upload...they gonna kill me if i do i pick a few tt could be shared...

so, meet my roomies... =]

from left, jass, brenda, choy, me.

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my thoughts

at times i really wonder how selfish can a person be?

i duno if i am at fault if things go this way...when thr are news circulating, i nvr get it till i hv to ask ask ask and ask...whats worst? ur own frens tt u hv been mingling ard dn tel u when thr is smth imp...they rather wait till thr is someone else cracking the news then they go like, 'yeah, i noe it earlier, long ago'

what crap? is tt even so hard to inform? or people usually tend to be selfish and keep everything to themselves?

the world will definitely be a better place to stay if everyone learns to share and care.

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here i would like to share with u my fellow frens from form six...
taken on the 22 of december 2009...
a fun reunion, so much of laughter which reminded me of the boisterous cls of u6s1...

from left, jian ming(ah kong), marilyn(the star of u6s1), weiching(the systematic one), chenglit(the driver of my darling), selina (my forever faithful driver, 16 yrs of frenship and still counting.. =] ), me, ah cheng (oso my driver sometimes...hee...), kahnee(the 174 one...hee...)

photo courtesy of ah cheng.

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25 february 2009

still the same date. still the same day.
my bad luck sequence

my back still aching.

i got hit by the pebble. the man was cutting grass nearby the corridor and i was walking pass. so many of us. but i got hit. sway~

i received a piece of terrible news from my fren which affected my mood right aft

i was late for movie for abt 40 minutes

my roomie was supposed to order the cater for my dinner then it turned out tt i received a last min sms saying the person din receive her order. if i received tt sms earlier, i would hv taken dinner at one b with star, ws, and cheelin. aihs, my sweet and sour fish...

and the gd luck of the day?
i was saved by erjie for dinner. so co-incidentally she asked me out. we went for delicious dinner at TLC with poh yean. =]

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my first blood donation.

25 february 2009

i made a noble move today. for the first time in my life tt i gathered all my guts and donated blood. it was quite impulsive tt i went for it. it was my coursemate, cheelin to invite. i nvr tawt i would do tt for i am afraid it would be painful. it was kind of an awareness drive organised by my uni.


k, now let the pics do the talking...

as it was my first time, the lady filled in the red booklet for me as record...and the packets were those to fill in my blood...there were 3...cheelin and i were really freaking worried tt we had to donate 3 pints...well, we only had to donate one ler...hee...

this was the queue...waited for quite some my backache, the wait was like forever...

a clearer view of the frightening packets...

k, tt was my right really freaked me out the first time the man jab me...i din dare to even look at my own arm till he finished...the first jab was anesthetic jab, second was to insert the needle for was not painful afterall...*winks* =]

my blood...

more of my blood...

tt was me =]

and finally, the 'product' took about 20 minutes...

we were given plenty of stuffs actually.
those includes;
(i forgot to capture photos on the goodies)
1 season's can drink-i got chrysanthemum (i saw someone beside me got malta k, so unfair...aihs)
1 packet of swiss roll cake-given to roomie
1 ayam brand tuna bun-given to fren
1 newspaper (times) -haven finished reading
1 packet of vitamin c (junior) - given to fren
1 kind of ribena drink - finished drinking yesterday
1 pen
1 certificate-k, i was bad luck, i din get it...paper jammed on the printer...everyone's cert was fine except mine jam on the printer and the printer printed my name at some corner of the cert...argh~

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i waited for the bus for almost an hr. perhaps more than an hr. lost track of time.

there were plenty of buses when i waited. but none of them heading to my hostel. there was actually one tt headed to my hostel as soon as i reached the bus stop but i had no idea y it never stopped when the bus was not full at all. alr i had enough abt the air tics and another 'swayness' hit me.

so i cont to wait.
i waited.

-the view whr i waited for bus-

i really had no idea if my luck was really tt bad.
nature's call.
but i tried to ignore it. i was afraid tt once i head bc to sch, the bus would arrive.
finally i could not stand it anymore so i quickly made my way. and...

k, the bus passed when i was half way bc to the sch. i did not run bc towards the bus stop cos i knew it was useless. i would not be able to make it. so i slowed down my pace.

[i was not tt bad luck aft all *winks*]

when i was walking bc towards the bus stop, a senior saw me and she offered me a lift. i was so grateful and happy when i saw her. this was the second time she drop me bc to hostel. the first time was a sem ago (i think) when i was walking bc from library to my hostel. tt time i had not known her. it was out of her helpfulness tt she dropped me bc the first time. the second time was because i got to know her coincidently . -Thank you- =]

by the way, i think tt she is pretty. (this is definitely not because she gave me lifts, it is true tt from the first time i saw her, i think she is)

thank you so much for the lift.
i am quite lucky after all.

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power electronics quiz today.
fgt abt how bad it was, first.

just minutes before my quiz started a tsunami hit me. the impact? i was all numb not knowing what to do. i do not want to place the blame for this is really done out of sincerity. i am supposed to feel glad and blessed but it turned out to be exactly the opposite. opposite.

k, we were at tutorial room doing final revision and i happily announced tt i booked july tic on 22 july. and...

'we booked for u 21 july...'

the instant i heard tt i was speechless and my mind went empty. blank. blocked.
true tt they did call to ask for my ic number but all this while many of my frens asked for my ic number for the wireless internet access. i tawt tt was the case.

and now i hv got 3 tickets.
12 july 2009 (this was booked hell long ago, when ticket was 0 fare, burnt for sure, industrial training till 18 july 2009)
21 july 2009
22 july 2009

i tawt tt i am lucky. cheap tic. and now i pay like more than 200 for one way. argh~
i am pissed off but there is no one to be blamed. i cant do nething but to accept. aihs.

and the quiz

thr is no point studying cos in the end it turned out to be a few questions left empty. with no solutions.

sorry shu lim, another depressing entry.

but thr is something tt i really would like to share. ppl tt i am glad knowing here. =]

from left, weisheng, cheelin, xinweilian, wenhao, sia, star.

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the blur me.

everything was madness today.

k, i hv got a morning call. but i was too tired to wake up thinking, more to be believing tt cls was at 10am. so i slpt till almost 9am. i got everything ready and checked on the schedule i pasted on the board looking for which tutorial room to head to once i reached my school. thr was no tutorial room stated. so i rang star. asking for which tutorial room and he went like, 'whr are u? dn u noe thr is cls at 9am?' omfg!!! the second time this happened to me!!! at first i tawt he was playing prank of me. but no. i checked on my notebook. k, the one pasted on the board was not an updated schedule.
alrite, my fault. i did not change it.

i hurriedly went to catch the shuttle and rushed to tutorial room 12 once i reached sktm. and another madness struck. one of my coursemates went like,

'you just got here? cls ended and the 10am cls is cancelled.'

-------------------------tt was day before ytd---------------------------------

and today? (thursday, 19 february 2009)
the same thing happened (again).

well, for today i actually called sia the nite b4 to double check and for the second time he brought me to holland (again).
k, i went to wrong place, wrong cls.

the cls for today was cancelled.

anyway, thank you for the morning call today. =]

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mommy was trying to be funny.
she called and the first thing she asked was like, 'no call? no sms? today valentine ohh...'
ish...celaka betul...geram...
i rolled my eyes when she asked me tt. (yeah, i noe she cant see but from the way i snapped bc she could tel i rolled my eyes)

valentine was very lonely. i hid myself in the room the whole damn day. shd i thank cupid for shooting me with all the ailments? was sick. flu. cough. fever. all visited me on valentine.


i have nvr had the chance in my life to actually celebrate valentine. tts so depressing. when i was in a relationship, the day nvr arrived in time for me to celebrate or i was in ldr. i hv alw yearned for a sweet and memorable one but i hv nvr had the chance to hv one. a pity. i thought i would hv the chance after i graduated. i really thought so...

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the gift

i was so reluctant to wake up this morning. had an 8 o'clock cls. replacement cls. mr ahmad's power system. i admit tt the thought of cutting cls did cross my mind.


i was thinking tt i hv been slacking alot and if i were to cut cls some more den i might as well end everything. so i went to cls. yeah, with gd intention tt i at least did attend cls. and guess wad?!
cls was postponed!! i was like wth?! i was not really feeling well cause by the flu tt i caught ytd and this is wad i got. before tt, i called star to ask for which tutorial room. no one answered.
den i called cheelin. and for god's sake. he didnt even noe thr's any replacement cls. he was stil at home when i called.

without any second thought, i headed bc to hostel. -was damn pissed off-
since it was alr abt 9am when i reached hostel, i went to the students' affair office to check if thr is any parcel for me. ( he told me tt he sent me a parcel). yupp, thr is. a parcel. my name. a size of a shoe box.

it was heavy when i held it. den i look at the label again trying to look for clue to explain the heavy weight. it was written there -magazine-

i was like what is wrong wif him? sending me mag? for wad? all i could think of is this guy is insane.

i hv got a crazy best fren.

k, when i reached bc room, i saw my roomie and complained to her abt him sending me mags. i then ripped the parcel off and saw a blue adidas shoe box. uncovered it. saw another box. smaller box. below it were all the mags. which i am not familiar wif any of them. 5 mags and a box.

my roomie asked me to rip the smaller box open. we were both curious what it was. before i even open it, i told her it was ferrero rocher. judging from the shape, i could tell. and for 5 yrs, things tt he gif me nvr run out of the options of either ferrero rocher or swatch.

thr was no screaming of excitement. perhaps girls hv grown up. but tt box of chocolate seize the day. very sweet of him. just right before valentine, it reached to me. thank you so much =]

and of course, i share wif my roomies.

this is the gift.

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the missing piece

11 February 2009

it’s a day tt i truly appreciate and cherish. i had free lunch today. =]
it is more than just a free lunch. its the thought behind.
Besides thank you, i dunno wat else to say.

12 February 2009

Sore throat. fever. Argh~

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another day

The morning call today was really sweet. It was unexpected tt he made an effort to gif me a morning call (i hv got pwr system quiz today at 10am). i guess usually things start in a sweet way but for him and he knows it very well he does not hv to do all this. i am glad though he has been wif me ever since the loss of Kevin. -a big THANK YOU to you- =]

And for the quiz.

i was late for the quiz. Yeah, it sounds weird here wif the morning call and i was still late? Wth?! i woke up like almost 2 hrs early to get everything ready. My context of getting things ready is not preparing for the quiz but to get cleaned. i even hv tt so much of extra time to even slowly blow dry my hair…(k, it sounds so not like me. dn ask. i cant blif myself too. Perhaps, ppl change-gradually)

when i was done wif every preparation, happily i went to wait for the shuttle bus an hr before the quiz. i queued.*winks* (yeah, usually i dn queue. i queued this morning which i was proud of… J) still no sign of any lateness up til here…when i was walking towards my sch aft alighting from the bus, i rmb my ASSIGNMENT!!! (The power system ass sheet tt i simply dump on my table since last nite when my course mate, munirah returned to me. i din bother to pack it into my file last nite.) i quickly ransacked my file and in vain, i rmb i left it on the table.

Without any second hesitation, i made my steps faster towards the bus stop hoping to catch the bus to return to my room to get the sheet asap. By tt time, it was alr 10 mins before my quiz would start.


i was so damn lucky… *phews…* allan saw me walking bc and tt made him think tt cls cancelled…oops…sorry allan, i gave u a wrong signal. instead, allan dropped me bc hostel and i was vr thankful i bumped into him. Sorry tt we were both late for the quiz. i was the cause. sorry, allan.

and thr is smth tt i really would like to spread abt-my roomie…


instead of being sympathetic towards what had happened, upon seeing me coming bc for the ass sheet, all she could say to me was, ‘blow your hair some more la~’ ish…

quiz was terrible. i made mistakes. unforgivable mistakes.

k, enuf said of the quiz.

tt was the first piece of sad news for the day.

And the second piece of sad news:

out of a sudden, he asked me today if i noticed tt he has been sad and down lately. i was surprised when he asked me tt. i was speechless and deep down in my heart i was really praying hard thr is nth serious bothering him. i couldn’t take it if anything happens to him. He is important to me. Without him, i wouldn’t hv come this far...i am praying hard tt he will alw be alrite…he is like a guardian to me...the person tt i can go to when i hv probs...

In spite of all the bad news, mom brought me a piece of gd news today. i hv got my industrial training placement confirmed but i am considering to accept it or not. Is this human nature? When thr is none, i make a fuss. When thr is, i still make a fuss. No wonder mom can’t be bothered whenever i complain…hee…she is so used to her daughter’s nvr ending complaints…

and for the placement, i really would like to thank uncle for his passion in helping me to get it confirmed. -Thank you-

due to my connection prob, this entry was presaved on 10 january 2009.

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Nil expenditure

Shd i feel proud of myself for not spending any penny today? It shdn’t be smth to be proud of for someone like me who is alw complaining running out of cash. It doesn’t sound cool either. K, i am not tt poor till i cant afford to buy myself fd. It comes in a combo. i was lazy to get down to cafeteria and also was trying to save up. i need tt extra cash to feed my broadband and oso my airtic bc to pg. Well, i travel bc home more frequent than any of my course mates here and they nvr noe the price i hv to pay for such frequency. Come to think of it, i hv nvr skipped any of the holidays going bc. Even flying to kl last time, i saved up by cutting meals and no purchasing of books scheme. But now, i dn hv to do tt anymore. No more kl trips. i can now spend a bit more. No more extreme tight budget. No more hunger pangs. As for books, i am still sticking to the plan. Books could cost a fortune. And for this, i want to thank my senior, chee yin. She has been really helpful in providing me all the necessary books and notes. Since my first yr, she has been the one helping and guiding. If not for her giving me a helping hand i wouldn’t be able to actually realize the scheme. -Thank you-

Some may not agree the way i fork things out but at the moment this is the best i could do. Working is definitely an option but it is inconvenient to work part time over here esp for me without ‘wings’. =[

Yupp, i did spend nothing today. i din even touch any cash today. i dn even noe whr i hv actually placed my wallet. i had jacob’s for brunch and free meal for dinner. i am grateful tt i am the type of person who can actually slp ard the clk. In order for me to skip breakfast, all i hv to do is to slp abit later, say till like 2-3pm. By the time i wake up, i dn need breakfast anymore. Jacob’s is alr sufficient as my activity for the day is just loitering ard the room. i dn need much energy. So tt intake shd be more than enough for the whole afternoon.

As for dinner, there was this Megaraya celebration organized by the hostel and fd was provided for those who attended. Tt was how i got my free dinner.

Megaraya = raya + cny + xmas + deepavali + hari gawai (harvesting day for the kadazans if i am not wrong)

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