VIPs in my life.

once again i want to thank;

my father
my mom
molly yi
teo teo
san yi
sa teo
xiao yi
mr kenneth
uncle lim
qi jie jie
ah kim
yee mun
yee wah

for being part of my life.
without them, i am incomplete.


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theft of electricity. the SEAL team.

it is now the 4th wk, 2nd day of internship.

the final wk tt i will stay at the metering department. the final wk i will be at bayan baru. aft this wk i will be placed at balik pulau. which is soooooooooooooooooo far end away. fgt abt tt first.

what i wann to blog abt is i had a chance to take part in their operation of TOE, theft of electricity. and for this i wann to thank cik halimah for arranging this for me. if it was not for her i believe the head of department will not bother to get me involved. thank you. =]

today is the first day tt they took me out for the operation. yesterday was the first day but i stayed in anson road main office learning on backbilling. bills prepared for those who stole electric current...the highest bill i saw was more than $30k... walao, can buy a car dy...was lucky to meet an engineer...*paiseh*...fgt his name dy...he tawt me how consumers become thieves...heheh....

it was fun today.
hopping from one hse to another...(its visiting houses legally...kekek...)
dogs barking at us...(k, i dislike this but the experience? money kenot buy...hee..)
getting to know different meters...
catching 'thieves'...(i feel like a CID...hahha...)
going to police station...(this is an experience tt money kenot buy too...who in the world would wann visit this place? hahha...)

anyway, the best part of today is tt i hv got free lunch!! thx to my new colleagues...

wan, the chief
hilmi, the driver
fais, the joker
ahmad fauzi, the fren

but would like to apologise to ah wei cos i ppk him (again)...hee...

pics tt speak for my work today and ytd...

the office tt i stayed for back billing

cik halimah at work

the first hse tt we visited, it was clear, no theft case

hse wif dogs...even my colleagues oso stayed far far...hahha...

wan at work

checking the current flow

the clamp tt checks the current flow

since the SEAL team is pnc so i kenot display the pics with theft case...i am grateful tt i learnt alot from my new colleagues today...hee...

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