tender of resignation

the last day of the engineer.

not long tt we are colleagues.
less than 3 mths.


heavy hearted.
tt he is leaving.
cos everytime i go to him when line has issues or probs.

ngo is too busy to attend to me.
and he is the one alw giving the helping hand.


though less than 3 mths, the sourish feeling is still thr.

i guess this is life. every meeting will have to part.

farewell lunch with the team.

the last tt i saw him was a quick one.
a short hand shake and 'all the best' and then when i got bc to office, he has left...

teresa too, feel the loss.

all the best, hian chee...

typing e-mails would be different from today onwards...

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oh! working life...

what a day i had today.

working hard to meet target. to chase for parts. to meet shipment. to this, to that.

and at the end of the day, remark from my supervisor was,

what the ghost are you doing?!

damn damn damn pissed!

things are in a mess.
not systematic.
things are not tally.
not synchronised.

store, engineers, planners, production shd be in line but all of us are using different systems.
one leads to another. everything is jst so difficult! argh!!!

and production sabo me. telling my supervisor tt they hv highlighted the issue and i did not go chase for it! wth! k, enuf said. nw i noe, hw things work.

on top of tt, today, i see another ugly side.

team work.

yeah rite!

i received a reply from my colleague when i asked for help (k, my supervisor asked me to ask for her help) saying tt everything got to go thru this and tt and during office hr, not allowed to do oth things besides the job scope. arghh!!!

so, this is team work???

i really thought we are working in a team. but no. not today. maybe, we are in a team but in this team, divided into many oth teams....

welcome to the working life. the ugly side of working life.


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day 6. 7. 8.

day 6.

u know what i did.


day 7.

same as day 6.

day 8.

stressful day.
tested my patience and in the end exploded.

so so so stubborn my production ppl.

was harsh to them but i dn care.
need to get things done. and right.

so hv to.
scolded them for the first time.
when i am trying hard to get the system on the right track, they js dn seem to follow.

bad bad day today!


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day 5

not a gd day!

had an arguement with the engineer!
all cos of the built of materials dont tally with the work order released by planner and the configurations keep changing, and no one gives a damn abt it!

loop holes here and thr and no one is pathching things up.
and me. got to hunt here and thr for solutions.


k, i miss the production mtg again.

was really too occupied in solving issues than to reporting in the mtg which is such a time waster, sometimes.

what i am happy abt today is tt i get home early! vr much early =]

ronnie kept calling, aft 5.30pm asking if the tools are okay for crossing over this sunday when i was abt to pack to go home. -ugh-

my cut off time is 5.30pm, hello?!

and all this while hv been doing charity. damn pissed alr.
things are mutual. so i gif what i am paid. not more. but i hv been giving more.

i know. ppl going to ask y i nvr claim. y i nvr take the initiative to make claims and all rubbish going to bombard me.

excuse me?! i hv been asking and my colleagues hv been telling me, tt they duno. they dn make claims. my ass!

damn pek chek dyy!!!!

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day 4

tiring day...

had a short mtg wif cw lim, ch low, roslan and norhadi...
on kitting status...

this mth got to hit shipment of 12 and as of today, only 6 shipped and mth end approaching...

glad hearing from u...

btw, got bc home before 8pm, what a record!
could be earlier but was held bc by ronnie...

heard from my colleague he is leaving vr soon...nxt fri...
abit down....

and day 4 without u...

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day 3

the third day without you....

tiring day i had today but it seems tt materials are getting better for production...
attended mtg half an hr late and upon my arrival, they were like, mtg is abt to fin...

and so, mtg was jst half an hr for the day...
ronnie seems to be quite in a gd mood today...
not my main concern...

my priority is more on smth else...

i must be super tired today cos couldnt recognise the way home...
didnt know tt i hv to alight from bus when reached...
stoned till the bus was abt to move away and i quickly ran out...

tt was all for the day...
btw, was really happy tt u made the call when u were shopping...


and tt was the third day without u....

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day 2

knowing tt i wont be receiving anymore morning calls from u...

the first thing i did was to check my phone if i received any sms.

i did.

a sigh of relief tt u are fine thr.

greeted by ur call was supposed to cheer me up but it was at the wrong timing.
was hving routine production meeting.

and the nxt call u made was such a harsh one to me.


i hv not been feeling gd. a sense of loss. and smth amiss.
wanted to get bc early but was held bc.

he was ard. and production has got some major issue. but luckily was able to get bc b4 9pm...

and today, he passed me my confirmation letter. which was dated 6 oct. just a simple letter.

heard from my colleague, theresa, tt one of the newly hired engineers tendered his resignation. another cause of my no gd feeling of the day.

another day past missing u...

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day 1

the first day without u.

it makes me wonder if u are alrite now in the flight...
it makes me wonder if u are resting or doing your last min preparation for your presentation...
it makes me wonder if u are gd wif your newly made frens...
it makes me wonder if u will fgt tt i am right here waiting...
it makes me wonder when will u be touching down...
it makes me wonder what have u been doing...

as for me,
reached home b4 9pm...
had a gd dinner...gd home cooked fd...
and i did smth vr terrible today.

i accidentally kicked on yuan yuan!!! hee. and poor thing, she spinned on the floor with four legs up!!! hehe...

have been busy at work today but was really glad u acc me for lunch.
at least a short meet up b4 u left for the nxt 10days...i would be so boreddd...aihhhsss...

attended 2 meetings in a day. no customers but with internal bosses.
more work to do. more stress. more to accomplish. but i will work harder!

i am nw counting down tt you will be bc soon...

and tts day 1 without you...


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9 oct 2010

marks the official ending of my student life.

hv been looking forward to this day, and when the day did arrive...

no more feelings.

as i hv left ums for quite some time.

so it doesnt really matter anymore.


i hv got what i wanted.

but upon stepping back into ums again,

flash backs keep flowing in...
telling me tt,
i was once thr.

whr i met wonderful friends.
whr i learnt a hard lesson.
whr i found a treasure.

but stepping into a smaller scale, my familiar hideout, a place whr i used to depend and rely so much in the later yrs of uni life has turned to be a place tt i feel so unfamiliar. so strange.

i felt so cold in thr.
so abandon.
in just
5 mths...

heart aching. so much of memories. be it gd or bad. they are part of me tt i truly cherish.
i didnt expect tt to happen as soon as i hv left.
it feels so much of wiping me off from thr.


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