and so i left after 1yr and 11mths...

isnt it fishy that i did not stay to hit 2 years for my first ever permanent job in my life despite of the hardship of securing the next job? 
either by fate, by the tremendous urge of wanting to leave or by whatever both internal and external force that push me to leave before hitting tt 2 years, i am glad i made the call! :)

i am definitely not the person who likes job hop and i strongly believe i am patient enough to stay longer than tt period of time if things did not turn to that extreme sour. ever since the day i was being ripped off from what i hv been doing, i was in absolute low morale and my brain started to think for myself, to decide my own direction rather than being 'leashed' around. 

i was being transferred to another position unwillingly. i expressed myself to both past and present superiors telling how unwilling i was to hold the position but all fell into deaf ears. i will come to that in more details if i hv the time to explain why these supervisors are being so negligence towards my needs. 

it was not a permanent transfer (according to the management) but it was not at all convincing to me. no memo or official email or letter informing the duration of the transfer, nothing. how convincing is that? 
just by the process they transfer me, it was as though i am being dumped into a trash bin. yes, you read it right, dumped into a trash bin.

not a demotion, but a transfer, they assured me. having to say tt, trying to convince me in every way, they told me tt i hv a subordinate who will be reporting to me and the transfer is a career path and growth to me. 
at tt point of time when i was being told of all this, i thought to myself, do i look like a retard to these people? 
do i? again, no memo, no email, nothing regarding this. so is this convincing that it is a career path for me? i do not need a subordinate reporting to me justifying a career path, pls. 

and well, i switch to the position, aft being verbally informed for 2 working days! yes, the 'being dumped' feeling is here again. i was not given a chance nor an arranged training from the person who is leaving before stepping in for that position. thats how i was 'being dumped' again and again. trashed.

i stayed in the position that i hated for slightly more than a mth and i handed the golden letter! yeah, i tendered!! before i left for my holiday with mom. 

even tendering was a difficult one. i could not get my boss. went over to HR and HR directed me back to my ex ex boss. and, this is the part that flared me up. he was at jk. called him, nvr ans. fine, he returned call and upon knowing tt i wanted to tender, he texted me telling me that he might be going back to changi. this is like expecting me to wait for uncertainty? no way! i have to throw the letter by tt day as the nxt day i will be leaving for holidays. so, i went up a level higher, to his boss. ok, i handed to him. could not find him too at first. called him, meeting. texted him and arranged for me to look for him when he is available. so i handed to him, not the person tt i wanted to hand to actually....sigh.

i wish i could throw the letter to tt boss who screwed my life! my efforts! my dedication to my work for the past 2yrs! all tt i hv single-handedly built! he fucking ruined it! argh! anyway, for the lies and things and everything he has done behind my back, i shall wait for karma. what goes around comes around. i alw believe in tt. 

as for now, i am glad i left.  :)

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