my dream...

the best picture that i ever captured would be this.


a picture speaks thousand words.

i do not know them but they caught my attention.
not a rare scene, but the first time ever tt i manage to immortalise such a scene.
no posing.
no acting.

a spontaneous capture.

just by the way they crossed the road, hand in hand, touched deeply into my heart...

it may look easy...
how many have successfully done it...

what i really want,
in my life,

would be what i have captured today...

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i heart this


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disappointment, one aft another. everytime i hope and pray for the best but in the end, things jst hv to turn sour and ugly.

why must it be like this?
am i over demanding?

i am jst so confused.
so upset.

once again, i hv to face the fact tt

i am actually a no one
i hv got no say
i am taken for granted

no matter hw hard i hv tried, hw much of effort i hv put in, all down the drain...
jst like tt...

i am being extremely stupid.

perhaps, i cant think like the flock of the first class ppl do.
tts y i cant understd.
tts y i fail.


the snapping bc was really heart aching.

'she is my fren, not urs...'
' i know wad i am doing'

great and brilliant things to say to keep my mouth shut.

frens, u call them.
correction, true frens.
then stab u bc with these hurtful remarks.
i might hv been too naive.

and what i hv got at the end of the day?




i hope i learn my lesson this time.

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