life(s) updates...

it has been 5 mths since i last updated.

personal life;
have stepped into the working society for a yr now...and frankly speaking, i am pretty bored already...

true, i have got what i wanted but not enuf.the desire of getting more of what i have now is really causing me to feel vr unhappy. discontented, describes what i am now.

this will go away. soon. i promise. just the mindset thats playing the trick. once my passion is discovered, boredom will be chased away.....

working life;
increment, yes.
bonus, yes.
rewards, yes.

what is missing then.
higher increment, more bonus, and monetary rewards are missing.

and now with the current of slowing down of economy, shutdowns. note, with an 's'.i have gt no more leaves, it means, all shutdowns will be deducted by unpaid leave. last yr at this point of time, i remember, my project was fire-fighting. it was madness then. now, total 180degree of difference.

no more con-calls. no more daily meetings.
(these are gd for me, actually, rather than previously whenever i was late for meeting i could see black face of my supervisor, telling me, dont be late again. i hv gt reasons, i dn like being late too!)

i think i am js too used to being bz, fighting and a sudden slow down makes me feel vr unproductive. :(

relationship life;
the only life that i am happy with now :)

though we have our disagreements, glad tt things got solved eventually.

a great company, a good listener and an awesome best friend is what i need to complement my dull life...

a big thank you, my man. :)

and today, we celebrate 16-mths of being together.


before ending this entry,

below is the award that recently received by my team on 26-aug. with that, i have obtained twice star awards, individual and team.
there are no more awards to fight for.

p/s - wishing everyone a gd break this raya!!

selamat hari raya :)

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