life(s) updates...

it has been 5 mths since i last updated.

personal life;
have stepped into the working society for a yr now...and frankly speaking, i am pretty bored already...

true, i have got what i wanted but not enuf.the desire of getting more of what i have now is really causing me to feel vr unhappy. discontented, describes what i am now.

this will go away. soon. i promise. just the mindset thats playing the trick. once my passion is discovered, boredom will be chased away.....

working life;
increment, yes.
bonus, yes.
rewards, yes.

what is missing then.
higher increment, more bonus, and monetary rewards are missing.

and now with the current of slowing down of economy, shutdowns. note, with an 's'.i have gt no more leaves, it means, all shutdowns will be deducted by unpaid leave. last yr at this point of time, i remember, my project was fire-fighting. it was madness then. now, total 180degree of difference.

no more con-calls. no more daily meetings.
(these are gd for me, actually, rather than previously whenever i was late for meeting i could see black face of my supervisor, telling me, dont be late again. i hv gt reasons, i dn like being late too!)

i think i am js too used to being bz, fighting and a sudden slow down makes me feel vr unproductive. :(

relationship life;
the only life that i am happy with now :)

though we have our disagreements, glad tt things got solved eventually.

a great company, a good listener and an awesome best friend is what i need to complement my dull life...

a big thank you, my man. :)

and today, we celebrate 16-mths of being together.


before ending this entry,

below is the award that recently received by my team on 26-aug. with that, i have obtained twice star awards, individual and team.
there are no more awards to fight for.

p/s - wishing everyone a gd break this raya!!

selamat hari raya :)

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oh! working life. again. the brutal reality of human beings.

today i learnt tt,

in working life,

there is no such thing as team work.

there is no such thing as working together.

just work.
protect yourself.
continue working and continue to protect yourself...

things need to let go, den let go. no one's gg to appreciate the committment nor the hard work anyway.

at the end of the mth, regardless of hw much effort u hv put in, the salary js maintains its numeric numbers. so why bother?!

who cares when u work tt extra hrs? who cares when u fall sick? who cares when u MC? who bothers?

oh wait, they DO care. when cant meet target/line down.

so, just work lar!!!

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a little motivation from flextronics...

7 mths and 9 days in flex, i am awarded the star award!!


have no idea hw much it meant but keep hearing abt the star award from my fellow colleagues.

mixed feelings of getting it.

seems like pressure piles up even more ever since the award.
from all sides...

anyway, happy tt my supervisor acknowledged my hard work which will end up in me working even harder...jst tt sometimes i get tired, i hv to put a stop and would be my weekends...

with the award;
at least i noe, i didnt let the person who recommended me in down. and didnt let my mom down.
didnt let anyone down with such acknowledgement.
thank youss, loved ones.

the cert + 200 vouchers.

the cert. k, my name is wrong. cos system captured as such. its ok ;)

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i hv js gone thru a wk of minor depression mode.
across cny.

true i had a gd rest at home bc in pg but all along i didnt feel right.
my mood swings.
my mind thinks only the negative side.

i duno what is wrong wif me.
it seems tt i hv lots of worries in me. -embedded- with no solutions.

the worries of my life which consists of;

my mom, family.
my relationship.
my job.
my financial status.
my network.
my beliefs.

with my current condition; i would say tt i am gd

my mom, family, all in gd health with gd life...
my relationship, i have quite a stable one...
my job, so far still meet the expectation...
my financial status, no loan shark except for ptptn...
my network, i hv gt plenty of gd frens...
my beliefs, i am still clinging on what i blif...

so what is thr to worry abt?

my mom, family, i cant provide enuf...
my relationship, i feel paranoid & insecure...
my job, lots of pressure...
my financial status, needs more stability...
my network, i hv got no time for them...
my beliefs, swing when something goes wrong or against me...


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its 2011!!

first and foremost,
happy new yr everyone and may this yr a prosperous one!!!

had a peaceful, not vr noisy, homely countdown to 2011.
was invited over to weiquan's parents' golf friends home party.

too long of descriptions huh?
in short, uncle yip's home party.

i really thought we will not stay long thr, at least not till 1 jan 2011 but somehw, we did.
mr ng. didnt want to leave~! told him to leave earlier but he insisted on staying. hmph~

anyway, i had a gd meal, a long karaoke session and countdown over the screen in uncle yip's hse. it was overall a gd, comfy experience for a new yr.

a gd start, i would say.

seeing the golf frens of his parents giving one another a tight hug, a handshake made me feel lots of warmth in thr when the clock marked the new yr...

perhaps, it has been a long time since i had such connection with people ard me
i am grateful with such a countdown

no crowds

sounds like aunty-like kind of party. k, age is catching up i supposed.
but me like.

tt didnt end my new yr yet!

cos aft tt, we both went to

erm, correction.

i won k.
the nxt day.

anyway, tt was nt the main concern.
the main concern of the starting of the yr is tt i hv got great company.
the person who has accepted me to be part of his life.
thank yous.

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