a little motivation from flextronics...

7 mths and 9 days in flex, i am awarded the star award!!


have no idea hw much it meant but keep hearing abt the star award from my fellow colleagues.

mixed feelings of getting it.

seems like pressure piles up even more ever since the award.
from all sides...

anyway, happy tt my supervisor acknowledged my hard work which will end up in me working even harder...jst tt sometimes i get tired, i hv to put a stop and rest...tt would be my weekends...

with the award;
at least i noe, i didnt let the person who recommended me in down. and didnt let my mom down.
didnt let anyone down with such acknowledgement.
thank youss, loved ones.

the cert + 200 vouchers.

the cert. k, my name is wrong. cos system captured as such. its ok ;)

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