the eve and the day

oops...looks like this does not match my title...
was too tired when i got bc and i knocked out immediately i touched the bed...

let the pics do the talking...

since i hv no talents in cooking, so i folded the stacks of paper (used as offering for the deceased)

these are the dishes...
nine pairs of chopsticks, nine spoons...nine loved ones...
(six of them i have not seen them before)

the whole morning was just mainly praying.
my mom and my aunt did most of the preparation.
and as for me?
i contributed my stomach to eat...hee...even before my mom finished chopping the roasted pork, chicken and the duck, i was alr sitting with my chopsticks eating... =]

(i wanted to intro the dishes one by one but uploading all the pics is testing my patience as i am alr feeling slpy, in fact i shd be updating abt cny by now...looks like i am alw behind time...hee...*paiseh paiseh*)

tt was all i could spill abt the eve of my cny.

on chinese new year.

mom and i stayed at home till 3 plus.
went over to my cousins to hv lunch then i got bc home to slp (again) aft watching an episode of gem. (if u happen to read this and wonder y i din go out watch movie, it was plainly because i am too lazy to go anywhr..hee...sorry sorry...and i saw the msg u sent my aunt!!! :p)

had supper at little india and four of us went to gurney.

first day of cny ended with a little of bitterness. shdnt hv gone to gurney, tts all i wann say.

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the second

this is my second blog created. the first nvr open to public though. posts tt i made were too depressing. will just be a memory. a past.

but thr is a part tt i still hv the same thinking so i wann to recycle my entry,

"i am not the blogging type.never would i thought of blogging for i feel why publish some personal stuffs on this virtual space when everyone is fighting so hard for privacy? that was my first thought of blogging. -was- then, i changed my perspective. an extra space to unleash, y not? the main reason i created this. to spill everything i could. be it my happiness, sadness, secrets (perhaps), who cares if i do. all i want to do is to spill spill and spill."

i rmb telling my fren, emily tt i will try to start to open my blog to public and finally i am doing what i once said. i find it pretty hard to spill now as this is the first post. Nth much i could spill. i hope my frequency of updating will increase as time goes. with the most essential condition. -the internet connection-

please forgive me if this is boring. will definitely try my best to improve nxt time.

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