hating on the club.

'hating on the club' by rihanna is one of my all-time fav songs. in fact, it has been my ring tone ever since i came to know the song.

it is definitely not the song i am going to blog abt. it is part of the name of the song tt i wann to blog abt.

it was a sudden plan tt my fren wanted to hit the club. i hesitated at first cos

i hv got 2 midterms nxt wk


i promised my fren to help her in writing essays for her scholarship application.

i wanted to fin 'act like a lady, think like a man'

but. (an expected but...hahha)

the nxt thing i knew was, 4 of us in the club.


it was a sad place i would say. it was extremely difficult to get them into euphoric state. the live band was great and thr was a dance floor. problem was, NO ONE ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!!

the mood was so down despite of the loud music. ironically, it was rather peaceful...hahha...

fortunately, the atmosphere switched the last one hr we were thr. i was the first to get drunk. yeah, again. my fren had to get me out of the ladies. i did not slp in thr this time. thr was no sofa provided. went into the ladies earlier to prepare the rejection of my fd intake.

finally, the atmosphere did get heated up. i kenot rmb how long we were on the dance floor. all i rmb is, it was tiring. we left aft finishing the bottle of black label. i dn think i finished mine and alr lost the battle with alcohol. lols.

i did not drunk dial anyone this time. phews~ gd thing. but. my fren told me tt i talked alot. alot as in, ALOT. he said tt i kept everything to myself and at one go, i played bc everything tt i hv kept. i talked for 2 hrs non-stop! this is so embarrassing. argh~ i even make complaints on mr. liau in the whole 2-hr session of talking. this is not the worst part yet. the worst was i even said things like jumping down from my hostel. *shake head* i must be vr drunk...

my another fren, not any better, blurted all secrets, slpt in the bath tub, talked non-stop. i guess we were both trying to release stress.

pity another two frens could not rest cos of the need to take care of us. thank yous.

it was madness. spending tt amt of money for this form of escape from the cruel reality temporarily. hangover. waking up wif rashes, sore throat, headache and most of all, heartache...

the nxt time, i will make sure tt i am sober in, sober out. oj, pls.

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home, finally.

finally i am home.
its js so gd to be bc to whr i belong to. the excitement in me when touching down was js like at the top of the world. minus the part whr i was in the flight for 3 hrs enduring the kid behind me kicking my seat and another baby crying non-stop along the journey! it was really a mental torture. i effing hate baby cries.
they shd hv a rule tt prohibits cry babies on board! it was really torturing when u try so hard to slp and the baby kept crying. the amazing part is, the baby stopped crying immediately aft the plane landed! so i was thinking if he was in pain or smth during the flight. anyway, ironically, when i saw the baby i could not help it but to flash a smile to him waving gdbye. crazy, i tot he disturbed my slp? orite, babies are innocent...hee...

neway, i am glad tt i am finally home. so gd to see my mom. so gd to go on to my bed. so gd to smell my red blanket. everything is js sooooooooo gd.

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16 yrs of friendship aint easy.
and receiving her call ytd gave me a little cheer on my monotonous saturday. how come i make it sound as though i din receive her call for yrs?! hahha. in actual fact, we did on and off chat over the phone to keep ourselves updated. i noe thr is such thing as msn and it is free but both of us nvr like msn chatting. in fact, we dn like chatting via msn or even the phone. face to face talking is the best for both of us. the interaction is totally different. in short, presence is the key for true mutual communication.

msn could be deceiving. it is difficult to tell the true feelings of the person who is chatting with u. in a way, i like chatting on msn when i wann to hide my true feelings. u could be extremely sad and thr is not much of a problem to type 'hahha' in the chats. trust me, it could really be deceiving. i alw do tt to drive ppl away and from prying into my true emotions. unless u choose to be true to the one chatting with u, else, it is difficult to tell. the drawback of virtual instant messaging.

as for the phone, only voice could be heard. i find it pretty difficult to judge too. but, this option is definitely better than IM. at least, voice could be heard. semi-presence, i call it. the drawback of phone calling is when the connection is lousy. cant really hear what the oth person is talking abt. den this would initiate the spark of being infuriated. u got so fed up tt the line keep cutting. and in the end, would just gif up chatting via the phone. aihss.

but, luckily i had a great and fun chat wif selina ytd. i realised tt what i hv been all this while, she is becoming one too i.e hving a gd heart, holding on to the thinking tt what goes ard comes ard. she told me tt she wanted to do more gd deeds, to help oth, to be gd to oth. tt really brought me to the euphoric state.

she has really changed alot. i still rmb hw selfish she used to be bc in primary sch. cant even borrow things from her. the worst part was during our recess time, i rmb wanting to try the fd tt she brought but she said no to me. walao! but now, she even tapao my fav hokkien mee for me! =] not forgetting, she has alw been my driver ever since she got her license. be it, for tuition, movie, outing, gathering or any occasions, she is the one driving me ard til she got so fed up and alw tel me to get a boyfriend to drive me ard. hahha. what more can i ask for? thank yous!!! =]

i am so grateful tt along the way, many friends come and go, and this SELINA nvr leave. i kind of know her since primary 1, 1 nanas was her cls, mine was 1 limau. i know her existence but we did not really make friends till the streaming of cls in primary 4. 4 betik, 5 betik den out of a sudden they change the name to 6 pintar. i was in 6 pintar den to 6 cerdas. streaming was done and undone. all i rmb was i keep changing cls in primary 6. keep changing clicks too.

i used to be vr close to rani at tt time. thinking bc, my close fren in primary 1 to primary 3 was dhanalaktchmi. i hope i spelled her name correctly. i could still rmb her telling me at tt time her daily pocket money was 50cents. when i knew her, she was alr a single parent child. her father passed away in accident. working in the train station. at tt time, i really pity her. i oso rmb telling my mom abt her story. i was still a happy child bc then. i din noe hw to help her but all i noe was to share things wif her. i really wonder hw she is doing now. the last time i saw her was in secondary sch i guess, when i attended a science exhibition in some sch in prai. aft the stupid streaming of cls, we drifted apart.

i sat beside selina for one yr in 5 betik. the front row. right in front of the black board. the memory was kind of vague but i stil could rmb gaik tin and jie ming were both sitting at the end of our rows. yizhen was behind us if not mistaken. diana and kailyn were another side. i could not rmb at all whr rani, supeng, angela, shareena and huee leng were sitting bc then. all i know is, we were in the same cls. our cls teacher was pn lalitha in primary 4, primary 5 and 6 was pn khoo.

pn khoo, the one who taught us maths. a great teacher. she loved saying, lim ping pong and tan toa pui...k, i did not know whr she got those names from but those names really tickled us during maths cls. up til today, i stil rmb her. and during wesak day, i alw see her tapao-ing fd from the same vegetarian restaurant. i used to approach her but the recent one tt i saw her in island glades, i did not do so. i was so shy to approach her, fearing tt she might hv forgotten me already. its embarrassing but come to think of it, i shd hv said hi even if she really has forgotten me. i shd hv let her noe tt she is not forgotten. i blif if i were to greet her tt day, she would be so happy to her achievement tt thr is stil a student remembering her. regret for not listening to my mom.

whatever it is, i am glad tt these people crossed my life. they made me who i am today. special thanks to SELINA TAN who stayed with me for 16 yrs. we shall celebrate when hit 20 yrs!


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the imbalance part of me, lately.

for quite some time, as the time of my flight draws nearer, the worry of missing flight increases.
paranoia, maybe. though i hv nvr missed any flights before, the worry is just thr.

i am so worried tt i would miss my flight home lately till i could not really fall in a peaceful slp. i fall aslp easily but i would jump up from my slp out of a sudden thinking if i overslept. it sounds crazy i know but the insecurity is thr. i kenot take it if i were to miss flight and got stranded here. i think i would go berserk, insane, crazy, mad, whatever u call it, i would.

and for the first time ever tt i hv got a chance to pro-long a longer cny holiday, i didnt do it. surprisingly, i noe. i, myself is surprised too. thinking tt i dn hv much time left here, i finally made the decision of sticking to the initial airtics booked. besides, i am a person who is lazy enough to go for such trouble. not forgetting tt, it is darn inconvenient to go to the so-called city to change the tickets. i am just too lazy to attend to such unnecessary troubles. besides, the sales office is full of unfriendly employees. i hv been thr once to change my ticket wif my fren cos we booked wrongly and the lady who attended to us was extremely rude! argh~ i just hate people with no manners. fine, not like i am filled with manners but at least when i was in the service line, i hv not anyhow throw my anger to my customers nor hv i ever displayed any sour face to them even when the customers were being unreasonable at times. anyway, i hope i will not regret. make it the last try tt i am giving to sabah. hahha. though i really doubt tt its going to be fun here. my fren regretted the first time he stayed for cny here, wad do i expect? alrite, not like i am staying for cny. jst merely wanting to make complaints over the decision of not changing the tickets. hehe.

*fingers crossed* no regrets, hopefully...

jst some incidents tt i think worth pondering...
last tuesday was disastrous. hving the heart to offer help and at the end of the day, it turned out to be unpleasant. it was madness. i admit tt i was extremely pissed off. i hv no idea how to explain the anger but it was an anger tt really got me boiling to a point tt i think would hit me with high blood pressure. called my mom to spill. then, how easily my anger subsided, aft taking a nap of 15 mins. i was too angry till fell aslp immediately. walao...i seriously hate being this angry. fortunately, i am gifted in a way tt i dn bring forward my anger. it was instantaneous. and while i am writing this, thinking bc, it was stupid being angry. it was more to disappointment than anger actually. anyway, let bygones be bygones. i hope the nxt time if such thing happens again, i would care less on the matter. as such, i would not hurt myself. anyway, humans tend to take things for granted. i, myself do tt too...

tuesday did not end jst like tt. it was a frisbee day! i hv been waiting for the day...phews~ i was so touched tt day. saved by the bell. went out to release all remaining stress accumulated on tt day. my roommate, mingrei, deliberately acc me to frisbee neglecting her lab report. she was aware tt i was unhappy on tt day. she even got infuriated tt i brought my unhappiness together. i am sorry. a really big thank you for tt. and oso to candis who brought us thr. the first time tt i joined in the real game. omg. it was extremely exhausting. came bc with every part of body aching. must be age is catching up. it was a great experience. hving to run real hard. a stress releasing activity, i would say and no, frisbee is not for doggies, my fren...

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ping yang's birthday

this is a back dated entry.
for his birthday is on 3rd feb.

it was a simple but fulfilling meal for his birthday. 7 of us. wenhao, xinweilian, weisheng, sia, star and me. k, cheelin was missing. he had to attend to his gf~ what a pity...
we had dinner at the kopitiam below the ang's hotel. the food was overall not bad but the wait was so terrible. -ugh- the service was bad too. the old lady who took our order was rude and vr unfriendly. but what to do, we wanted to eat gd fd. we waited for abt an hr js to get our seats. tt really made me think if sabahans dn cook at home~ why is everyone dining out???

anyway, luckily the food turned out to be worth-the-wait.
or else, i would be cursing liao.
(wads so gd sbh? eat oso need to wait. with tt kind of lousy service.)
tts me. hehe.

herbal trotter ^^
all of us loved this dish. finished in less than 5 mins!!!

chicken wings^^
a little too sweet for me but i still like the taste.

my fav kailan^^

winter melon soup^^
according to ws, it was abit bland but it was still ok with me.
the taste is refreshing.

fried pai ku^^

the birthday cake!!!

and here comes the birthday boy!!!
this pic was candid. can see tt he was vr happy from his broad smile


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