30 jan 2010

before anything else tt i am going to blog,

HaPPy BiRThDaY, jIaN!!!


may all ur dreams come true and nvr fgt to share ur fortune!!!

well, my 30 jan 2010 was a great one. a livelier saturday.

the annual chinese new yr festival celebration which they call it PAP here was awesome. had an enjoyable night. the performances were exciting but the lucky draw was bad. fine, it was described as bad cos i did not get any prize....sour grape, i know...aihss...my final yr, final sem....*fingers crossed* hopefully it is...

i tawt of like at least gif me smth to grasp on b4 leaving here but nope. no luck for such lucky draw. anyway, all in all, most importantly, i enjoyed myself throughout the night!! minus the part tt i kena prank from my fren lar...thinking bc, i am like so bimbo larr...easily kena prank...as usual...hahha...

fortunately, the prank was a hilarious one la though it really proved tt how bimbotic i was...ish...cant help laughing to myself for tt...

i am glad tt 30 jan ended with lots of laughters and heart warming moments. special thank yous to those who had made my day a little livelier on a weekend.

the one who pranked me happily, man on 7.
the same style bimbotic roommate of mine, mingrei.
the one who alw thinks i absorb people's luck, sprite.
the one whose bday celebrated wif my tambun biscuit, yuen fern.
the cute, sporting, out-going, fren to all, petite, candis garner.

thank yous

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the change.

by right, with my character, i shd be feeling sad tt things are reshuffling.
i do not know why, looking at my frens shifting, i am not heavy hearted at all. i feel a little heartless. perhaps, i really dn belong here...

what is happening to me? hw come i dn feel sad or being heavy hearted at all?
this change is scary...making me into a cold hearted person...

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pics worth sharing.

let the pics do most of the talking.
js captions of descriptions.

in miri.

the laksa sarawak tt i tried in miri.
my first breakfast thr. tasted not bad. but not spicy enough.

the yau cha kaoy with kaya. i like this one.
different from those in penang.

erm, i dn rmb what this is. but its a type of dessert lar.
red beans with coconut milk if not wrong.

this is what i really like abt miri.
they hv got a park which is scenic and worth a visit.
on top of tt, their park is CLEAN and well-maintained.
unfortunately, i only hv these two waterfall pics. the rest are with coursemates.

well, we had a chance to get a glimpse on those private ships.
special thx to louise's aunt for taking us thr.
we felt like 'gem of life' at tt time. *winks*

the place whr we had our delicious dinner with the host in miri.

only had the chance to capture two pics of what we had tt night.
everyone was hungry and the dishes were 'attacked' once served. hehe.

in sibu.

the famous kolo mee in sibu. sing yii's and sia's treat.
cos they were our host in sibu. thank youss.

desserts tt we tried in 冰城.
the only place i could rmb the name cos it is like penang.
cant rmb each and every of them.
only rmb the one i tried, mango was a thumb up. =]

fine, i know this pic is rather weird fitting in here.
took it cos i find it cute and sweet.
right aft we had the desserts, we left the shop with all smiles and these penguins caught my attention. ^^

the breakfast. a meal tt i would not fgt.
cos it was home cooked and prepared by sing yii's mom.
it was very, extremely DELICIOUS.
for the soup was cooked with their traditionally made liquor. yummy ^^
if i did not rmb wrongly, i think i refilled. hehe. k, everyone did i think~

a closer look of the mee suah.
it looks plain but the taste was really AWESOME.

the fried bean curd.

the fried yam cake.

the fried ice cream.

all the 3 light snacks were highly recommended.
though all fried, the taste of each of them is one of its kind.
i like the fried ice cream and the yam. a must try.

the pasar malam we visited in sibu.
for the first time, i experienced what u call tolerance, respect and harmony.
hv a visit thr and you will noe what i mean.

hardly can see such road sign in pg.
they are all over in sibu.

oh! my favourite. the 3 layers milk tea~
the third layer is the wheatgrass juice.
makes a gd combination.

the reason this was taken. its our shop! E&E ! hahha.
from left, sing yii. my lucky star. sia. me. tua pek kong. bhoe. ws.
dn ask me, i dn rmb whr xinweilian and cheelin went dy.

in kuching.

my first breakfast in kuching. kolo mee (again). hahha.
swk is famous for kolo me lar.
i think every meal we had in swk we did not miss ordering kolo mee.
to try which is the best. kekek.
this shop is located at the china street but i cant specifically rmb the name of the shop.
all i rmb is the shop owner was a friendly man.

the first place tt we visited when we were in kuching was the chinese museum.
nth much in kuching actually, we visited museums and walked alot thr.

our gp photo. minus me lar. hehe.
from left. star. xinweilian. cheelin. pingyang. weisheng. bhoe. eelein.

the koay chap tt we had when taking the gp pic. yummy kaoy chap!

the only reason i took this pic of the shop cos it reminded me abt my supervisor.
hahha ^^
well, he has been guiding me alot and so everywhr i go, things like tt would remind me of him.

i duno why every single time they try reading the map, they prefer doing it under the bright sun. @.@

for i love fishing, it is irresistible for me to take a pic on tt.
if only pg has a place like tt for me to go fishing.
it was right under the jetty.

the place tt is opposite the river.
we did not get to go in. duno wad palace. cant rmb dy.

oh, we found ourselves 'displayed' in one of the museums. hahha.

some of the collections in the museum.

this was taken cos of tt FORT MARGHERITA.
walao eh, horrendous. cos we had to go like jungle trekking but luckily we managed to free ourselves. phews~

this is the part tt created the unnecessary pressure during our one wk swk trip!
he brought his FYP REPORT along for his FYP2!!!
fine, lecturers love this type of student, i cant agree more. hehe.
well, we ignored him totally. hahhaha.

and this was hw we ignored him. even his gf oso no eye see! hehe.
and tt was my bed he sleeping on! ish.

the not-so-nice soya bean. in fact, it is tasteless.

fried mamak noodle.

fried mee suah.

sweet and sour fish + rice.

tomato sauce koay teow.

thx to bernard and mei yun for bringing the 8 of us to aft3 cafe in kuching. had a vr satisfying dinner thr. the fd tt we ordered were gd except for the soya bean. it was REALLY tasteless.

this is blended coconut + blended barley.
special and worth a try. i personally like it alot.
cant get it in pg.

the cinema tt is located in The Spring. looks like star walk~

well, kolo mee (again). hahha. the last tt i had before leaving for pg.

fried oyster. so so so diff from the one in pg. theirs is crispy.

they hv got pork satay!!!

fried carrot cake. sweet one. not my taste.

i LOVE this. the chicken rice is so darn cheap.
and it tasted not bad.
guess wad, the drinks tt we ordered were more expensive than the rice. ^^

the receipt of our cheap yet delicious chicken rice.
one of the views in kuching.

and i would like to end this entry with the pic of kuching.
how can a city of cat w/o a pic of cat? lols.

overall, i had a fun trip with my lovely coursemates.
a vr memorable one indeed.

thank yous.

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