end of semester =]

it has been some time ago tt i last updated.

hv been reading more on blogs of my frens...and i am glad tt recent posts from them are happy ones


this semester has officially ended. on 18 nov 2009. the presentation, well, some call it viva marked the end of my semester. i am glad tt it ended though it was not a smooth semester. but. i did cherish. moments tt i hv spent, things tt i hv done, i tried my very best to place importance in my heart. thr will not be a second time of such experiences tt i hv gone through. and of course, for tt, thank yous to all tt have played a part.


i did not do well in the presentation. supervisor is not happy wif my performance, i would say. i am very sorry for tt. i let him down. it is him being unfortunate to hv such a bad student tt screws up his gd image of a gd lecturer.

he nvr gif me pressure. nor push me hard. tt makes me even more guilty. i do not know how to put in words and explain. in short, i am a BAD student.

i panicked in the presentation. in normal situation, the panic feelings subside as the presentation goes. me? total reverse manner. when i walked upfront i was still fine. the panic attacked when i was in the midst of presentation. something went amiss when i was presenting. i said smth wrong. and tt sparked the panic. since then, i flew the slides. till the end.

then, the q&a. i guess i was too panic cos i could not really recall the exact questions i was asked. dr. yang, (a new lecturer) did not make it hard for me anyway. phews~

for this viva, i cant thank enuf to those who hv helped and attended to give me moral support.

ming rei.
yen fen.
shueue bi.
poh yean.
ah kwong.

appreciate lots. =]

not forgetting my course mates who stayed.


thank yous.

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