its 2011!!

first and foremost,
happy new yr everyone and may this yr a prosperous one!!!

had a peaceful, not vr noisy, homely countdown to 2011.
was invited over to weiquan's parents' golf friends home party.

too long of descriptions huh?
in short, uncle yip's home party.

i really thought we will not stay long thr, at least not till 1 jan 2011 but somehw, we did.
mr ng. didnt want to leave~! told him to leave earlier but he insisted on staying. hmph~

anyway, i had a gd meal, a long karaoke session and countdown over the screen in uncle yip's hse. it was overall a gd, comfy experience for a new yr.

a gd start, i would say.

seeing the golf frens of his parents giving one another a tight hug, a handshake made me feel lots of warmth in thr when the clock marked the new yr...

perhaps, it has been a long time since i had such connection with people ard me
i am grateful with such a countdown

no crowds

sounds like aunty-like kind of party. k, age is catching up i supposed.
but me like.

tt didnt end my new yr yet!

cos aft tt, we both went to

erm, correction.

i won k.
the nxt day.

anyway, tt was nt the main concern.
the main concern of the starting of the yr is tt i hv got great company.
the person who has accepted me to be part of his life.
thank yous.

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